My name is Daria Reshetnikova: I have been an art director and graphic designer since 2008. My education – British Higher School of Arts and Design.


To start with, I would like to get acquainted with you and your project. Please provide as much detail as possible on the application form as that will help me develop the best design to meet your requirements and establish the  most effective communication between your product and your customers. I look forward to discussing all design options individually as all projects are unique.


There are many myths like that – for getting high quality results you should work with  studios, not freelancers – usually unskilled and disinterested performers, which can not be relied upon. It is an illusion; many studios are hiring freelancers to perform single orders; freelancers and designers in staff are the same.

Let’s look at two main differences between working with studio and working with  freelancer.

1. A design studio is expensive as overhead costs are included in the cost of the project. Working with the services of a freelance designer, such as myself, will greatly reduce costs as I work independently.

2. Working with studio takes a long time. You will also be working directly with me and not in a typical multi-stage process involving a chain of people, so much significant time can be saved during design implementation. Working directly with me, interval from the moment of approval of details to the first results (prototype or already finished design) takes just 2-3 days!


  1. 1. A large portfolio; more than 100 successful projects for the last year and more than 500 completed projects over the years.
  2. 2. Extensive experience in different genres and styles; I’m not stuck on one style of design or a niche service.
  3. 3. Work with the designer directly; I do not delegate tasks to other artists and talk to you directly, without managers and intermediaries.
  4. 4. Reliability and competence; many customers have become regular customers.
  5. 5. Facts of interest; I love my profession and the opportunity to create a high-level product that is functional and more than just a beautiful image.
  1. 6. The adequacy and professionalism; every detail is thought through and justified.


I guarantee you uniqueness, effectiveness, compliance with the terms and conditions of work and a high level of professionalism.  I value my reputation.


“Daria Reshetnikova is a professional, all-in-one. The human attitude to the customer and professional attitude to deadlines, quality and results. I know as a customer: design starts with the human relationships and determination customer needs. Dasha is able to realize all customer’s ideas and implement a clear marketing approach, which affects the outcome for the better. I recommend Daria Reshetnikova: it’s an excellent designer with a strong marketing in the process.”

LEONID BUGAEV, founder of the Academy of Experts,
Creative Director of Nordic Agency AB (Moscow-Stockholm).

“My agency is working with Dasha from the beginning of 2014. As an agency, we had different orders for Dasha: design for more than 30 landing pages for various topics speakers. We also ordered the design of pages for our agency. Dasha’s work pleases us with its quality. It’s not just beautiful pictures, but also include marketing elements. Design made with a sense for the customer and usability for visitors. Conversion of landing pages have always been at the level of 20% or higher under a cold traffic. As a professional, Dasha always completes tasks on time, all the improvements / amendments are introduced or explained. I personally always recommend Darya to my customers showing her portfolio with confidence and gladly cooperate with her on every project. If you need a competent designer with marketing slope – Daria Reshetnikova, without a doubt, the person you are looking for.”

YANA KHOZYAINOVA, the founder of the Marketing Agency “Impulse”

“On behalf of the company ASAP TC I want to thank Reshetnikova Darya for her design creativity and talent! This is an unique employee who pleases our company for a long time with design masterpieces! For our brands taxi Nexi and Grandee Darya created a remarkable Landing, posters, web-interfaces, helping with the development of materials for decorating NEXI car. Daria is able to work in different directions and, most importantly, in a short time, that is very important for our work. Darya’s responsibility and duty perfectly complement its creative approach to each task. ”

DENIS PARAMONOV, head of Internet Marketing Company ASAP TC

“I order Darya mainly designs for Landing pages for a long time and successfully launched many beautiful and efficient pages, conversion of some income to 65%. Daria is a great designer, has an outstanding taste and able to implement even the most daring ideas! We are pleased to continue to work on, and I recommend this designer to go for a nice design to. Daria, thank you very much for your cooperation!”

TATIANA KRAVTSOVA, producer of training programs